Monday, June 16, 2014

Enter Into This

Hello everyone! I know it has been a long time since I last posted. I had to get my "groove" back! (haha) I hope all of you will stick with me as I begin to blog more & more. Please leave comments and thoughts on the posts so I will know which content you guys like and that someone is actually reading (otherwise Im talking to myself ALOT)

So now, on to my post for today. This post is all about Entryways, Foyers, wherever people first walk into your home! Your entryway should be bold and reflect the style of your house. I say bold because usually these spaces are not that big so you can make a big impact without it looking too, hmmmm whats the word... gaudy maybe? You don't have to have a lot of space to create an entryway look. A nice table and some good accessories can make a big difference. If you are brave you could get creative with some paint or WALLPAPER! (i loooove wallpaper) If you rent there is this great thing called removable wallpaper! Who knew? I have not personally tried it, so I hope it doesn't mess up your walls like it advertises. 

If you are low on cash (like me) get creative! Visit your local thrift stores, used furniture resale places, and the sidewalks! Some people throw away good stuff that just needs some love and vision! Now, I'm not saying go dumpster diving (unless your into that or its something awesome) but just keep your eyes open. Ikea has some great pieces that you can embellish to make them look super expensive. I'm serious! There are tons of pins on Pinterest under the search term IKEA HACKS. Some really great ideas can be found on there. I will try to post a few I found. 

Here are some great ideas for entryways that I found pictures of and really liked. All of these pictures can be found on my Pinterest Board with original links to the sources. Enjoy!

I love the mirror. It looks like a piece of jewelry. The silver console with the white walls and leather lamp all work perfectly together.

This is a great pop of color for guests to see when they walk in. The height of the lamps makes this space feel grand. Those chairs...FAB!

I mean I just love a starburst mirror. The console paint color is a great neutral. 

This is a great bold statement for a small apartment. Great use of a random wall!

This is very country chic to me. Very pretty and feminine.

I am kind of obsessed with these convex mirrors. Great way to reflect light without having a clear mirror. Love the basket under the table and blue lamp. Slightly nautical but I'm into that!

I love this small entryway. First, the pop of color the rug adds is great and also adds texture to a hard space. The size of the table is very proportional to the space and they didn't try to add too many decorative elements that would make it feel clustered. I also love the black door! It feels very rich. Good tip!

I like the feather wreath on the mirror. Its unique and I like that. Also, those lamps are pretty awes, right?

This is very classic. It would never go out of style. Did you notice the black door?? 

This chest is from Ikea! They added the gold woodwork! Its an Ikea Hack that I mentioned earlier! Great $$$ saver!

Don't forget those odd spaces. They can be beautiful too! Yellow is my favorite color so, naturally I love this console.

I thought this was a cool tip that I would have never thought of! Paint your edges of your door a fun color for some extra pop!

This rug is fab. I love the orange boxes for unexpected color!

This is an interesting way to do your basement. Its a walk down "open" basement. Not sure yet how I feel about it. It was just so different I felt I should include it.

This would be great for a narrow space! Not sure how they did that but its pretty cool.

You can never go wrong with black and gold! 

Another way to add drama to your space. With cool flooring! 

I love this vignette!

Im obsessed with wallpaper and this is great for dramatic effect without being trendy!

A good gallery wall is always fabulous. Don't try to be too matchy matchy. Stick to a color palette and it will all work together.

I like this because its very old world feeling with the dark wood and deep colored rugs. The blue wallpaper adds a more modern touch. All in all, I think it works.

I love a great staircase! And a black door ;)

I love the pop of turquoise this table provides. Its beachy but if you live at or near a beach then its perfect! The basket and gold balls balance it nicely.

Love these black framed glass doors. The rug and wooden console go together like PB&J!

I really like the planters INSIDE! Its different and unexpected. thats a great door too!

This is actually a stairwell hall but I love the wallpaper and the framed baby bathing suits! I mean can you get any cuter? This was included to show that anything you treasure can be framed and be a great accent to your home.

I love all the color and how tall the branches are. It brings proportion to a large space.

I just love distressed mirror.

Another example of using your door to make an impact!

Please comment and let me know what you think about the post and content. If there is anything you want to see specifically let me know! Thanks for stopping by!

Thursday, January 23, 2014

French Kids Eat Everything?

So recently I was babysitting my cousin's kids and I was shocked to see how well and diverse Adelle (2) eats! Salley, her mama, told me about this fabulous book she read. She said it is one of the very best parenting books she has ever read. Naturally I was intrigued. The book is called French Kids Eat Everything by Karen Le Billon. (I have linked the book to Karen's blog, which is excellent!) This book is a great biography of Karen and her family who moved from Canada to rural France. I did tons of research before I bought the ebook version of this book. My research online proved Karen's theories correct. Tons of people have had great success exposing their kids to foods they never dreamed they would eat. Sadly, I do not have any children yet so I can't test the theory for myself. If anyone is willing to let me use their children as guinea pigs please let me know! (haha) French Kids Eat Everything has 10 "rules." I say this hesitantly because even the author says to use these as guidelines. Here is an illustration from the back of the book of the French Food Rules…
One of my favorite guidelines is that kids don't have to like something the first time they taste it. It is important that they taste it though! Le Billon suggests it can take up to 10 tastes to finally LIKE something. I think this is so true! I know a lot of times I don't like something the first time I eat it but it can grow on me and eventually I like it! I could go on and on raving about this book. I think you should do some research for yourself though and see if this would work for your family. As a plus this book contains some great recipe's that children would like, as well as adults!

Please comment below! I love to hear from all of you!

Friday, November 29, 2013

Gift it to Me

I hope everyone had a great Turkey Day! I know I ate way too much good food. I think of it as a test run for Christmas gorging! So today, in honor of Black Friday I thought I would share some gift ideas that don't require hours of standing in line or me putting on "real" clothes. These are some cool things I would love to give or receive.

I know some guys that might have a little too much fun with this on their desk!

I love this plate. I think it would look so beautiful in the summer on my table!

I think this is a cool stocking stuffer! You wrap your headphones around it and then suction the back to your phone! Hello, no tangled or lost cords sounds pretty nice!

This is a beautiful accent pillow from Anthropologie. It is colorful but not over powering.

This is a great gift idea for your co-workers or anyone in a tight office setting! I love this product!

This is a gorgeous Rachel Zoe Collection tassel necklace that I am dying for. Its pretty bananas!

I love this gift for all my new mommy friends! This appliance functions as a steamer, blender, warmer and defroster to prepare fresh, healthy meals for all the babies I love!

This is a great gift for your girlfriends. Especially if you have a budget you are "trying" to stick too, like me. Tassel bracelets (tassel anything) is very IN right now! I would love to give or receive this as a gift.

I think this would be a good gift for my favorite seniors. You wouldn't think you would use a cookbook but they come in handy! Especially one like this that tells you what to get at Trader Joe's. One stop shop!

I love this glass milk carton for creamer or milk. Just so cute!

I know you laughed when you saw this.. Its pretty funny. This is for my best friends! They get my sense of humor. lol

For the chef in your life! This measuring cup also weighs its contents. Nifty right?

My little pup would love this chew toy. It is made with recycled materials! Win win.

Do you think I have a tassel obsession? This bracelet is beautiful. I love the colors.

I think this is a cute hostess gift. Just a little something to say thank you. How cute is the hedgehog?

I love this. No further comment needed. Its gorge!

So those are a few gift ideas I think would be fun to give and get! What is on your shopping list? Leave me a comment! I love hearing from all of you. Now time to nap! Let the holiday season begin!

Sunday, November 17, 2013

Hey, Where's the Bar?

I have been wanting a bar cart for quite a while now. I love the look of the one's I am seeing! Very retro/50's. The plus about a bar cart as opposed to a full bar set-up is space. A bar cart does not take up much space in your living area and it can be easily moved. A full bar can be very big and bulky and to me they tend to look a little masculine. Another reason I would prefer a cart is because, as I mentioned, it can be moved to wherever the party is!

These are a few bar cart set ups that I really like:

Great for an apartment or small space!

If you want a pop of color, this is the way to go.


This cart doesn't roll but would be great for a patio.

Again, great for a small space.

I love the detail on this.

One key to a great look is all the pretty things you put on your bar cart. There are no rules. Add anything you like and that adds detail and flair to the overall look you want to achieve. I found some great things that I think would look great on my bar cart. 

I really want a gold cart. To give you some other options, I included this tainted silver one. You're welcome.

This may be a bit too shopping cart looking for me. Very pretty though.

This is very feminine and pretty. This could be the one!

I love the different look of this. Very modern and cool. 

This is a great set. Sets are good because they can be cheaper than buying each piece individually. Personally I like to mix and match to give it more of a vintage feel.

Love these geometric glasses.

I love love love this tray and decanter.

This is all great. I especially love the glasses with the pop of red!

This is a great example of everything you need to stock the bar cart!

This ice bucket is fabulous. I love the design.

These coasters are very rustic with a little sparkle.

I love this vintage seltzer bottle. How pretty would this be with the gold cart!

These are minimalist modern and I love that the tops aren't perfect.

This gold leaf tumbler is very cute.

You have to have napkins. These are almost too fabulous to wipe your mouth with. Luckily they wash and you can use them again!

This shaker set is pretty and vintage looking.

These glasses and carrier are beyond words. I love the aqua color!

A vintage mix of glasses or bottles gives a nice effect of not everything being too matchy matchy. I like when things aren't too perfect.

These trays are very pretty for serving your guests.

I love the simplicity of the gold rim. The shape of the glass is quite lovely as well.

This is my favorite shaker. 

Whew after all of that I need a drink! haha What do you think? Do you like the bar cart idea? Let me know. I would love to hear from you. Links to all things in the pictures can be found on my Pinterest page here. Check back for new posts! xo